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If you are looking for a Science Show to enthuse your pupils the Gerry’s Science shows will fit the bill perfectly!

Childrens Maths & Science Shows

Ex-primary schools teacher Gerry Walker BSC PGCE had been presenting maths shows in schools and came up with the idea of a fun science show in which pupils could explore the science behind magic tricks, puzzles etc and have fun too. The science shows are ideal for focussed Science weeks and even  for children’s birthday parties!

Fab! Excellent! Amazing! Funny! The children want to try the science tricks for themselves.” – Colham Manor, London

How can you remove a nut from a bolt without touching it?“”
How does the mouse run along the wooden rod, turn round and run back with   no apparent support or mechanism?
How can you defy gravity with a bunch of keys?


Science Magic in Cardiff

Science Magic in Cardiff

Gravity in Hereford

Gravity in Hereford

The show consist of a selection of puzzles, challenges, tricks etc all designed to motivate and intrigue your pupils. The format is question answer and uses various children to try out the items.  The scientific explanations are discussed to different levels and using appropriate vocabulary depending on the age group. Concepts of Forces, Sound, Energy, Light, Materials, Electrical Circuits etc are covered as Gerry takes the children on an entertaining journey through the magical world of science.


Visits to science centres & events cost money with Insurance, transport, staff cover, loss of teaching time etc. Save money by booking a science graduate, ex teacher to bring exciting science to your school.

Testimonials & Comments

We asked the children Kymin View Primary school for their opinions:

“It was more fun than heavy facts”
“I didn’t know so much magic was Science”
“I thought the water would pour out but amazingly it didn’t”
I’m going to try some of these at home” It was awesome”
“Funny & Interesting”
“I’m going to try the water trick on my sister!!”

“The pupils were still buzzing the following Monday. Your sessions were a great success.” JS head Hawthorn, Doncaster

“The children really enjoyed it, very hands on with lots of things we cover included..” JL Kymin View, Monmouth

“Fun Science. the children were entertained and thought about Science at the same time. Great shows…..” St Mary’s CE Bolton.

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