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Fun, informative and educational maths shows & maths workshops for primary schools in Bristol, Birmingham, London, Manchester, Cardiff and throughout the UK.

Childrens Maths & Science Shows

Emphasising mental skills and strategies the  maths shows for large groups and class  maths workshops for primary schools, aim to enthuse, motivate and develop children’s confidence in Mathematics. Presented by ex primary teacher and magician Gerry Walker B Sc. P.G.C.E
1) Class Maths Workshops
  • The  workshops include solving puzzles,  unusual games and working out the maths behind card tricks etc.
  • They give pupils  opportunities in investigative maths that are fun and different. They involve pupils choosing the most appropriate maths, exploring patterns, recording results and handling data.
  • Schools can choose the most appropriate  maths for their workshops depending on the Key Stage, age, ability and curriculum needs.
  • Ideal for that special Maths Week or focused Maths Day.
  • A range of activities covering  Shape   Addition   Subtraction     Odd/Even Numbers   Area    Counting in Twos/Threes/Five     Tables   Fractions  Money  Coordinates  Algebra   Multiplication   Prime /Square /Cube Numbers    

Suitable for year 2/3, patterns, subtraction, doubling,  counting in threes with all activities on a space theme. Learn about the solar system too


Maths & Science Magic

Maths & Science Magic

2) Large Group Show

  • The interactive maths shows for schools are activity based with novel colourful props, puzzles, tricks etc using money, cards, Rubik cubes &  ideal for several classes at one session.
  • Years 1 & 2 shows include a time telling Teddy Bear and a pop up rabbit that eats odd numbers. Magic tricks are used to explore concepts of pattern, 2D & 3D shape, counting in 2s, 5s, & 10s, subtraction by counting on, addition, estimating, place etc. Fun maths shows for primary schools with KS1 ( England )… Foundation (Wales)
  • Foundation (Reception/Nursery) looks at counting, sorting, ordering, shape, more than/less than, long/longer etc.
  • K.S.2 Shows. Separate year group shows commensurate with the new curriculum explore number, fractions, time, money, decimals as seen through the eyes of a magician. Tables, partitioning, subtraction by appropriate method ( counting on/decomposition), mean, 2D & D Shape, problem solving are amongst concepts explored in entertaining shows. Material chosen in consultation with staff and appropriate to year group. Shows can be combined for 3/4 and for years 5/6 if more convenient to the school.

Maths Workshops

Maths Workshops

Staff Meetings

He is available as a provider for day courses and for an after school meeting full of practical ideas for investigative and fun maths. If you book a whole day there is no extra charge for the staff session and you come away with loads of valuable ideas.


” We thoroughly enjoyed the show. The maths was made interesting by the magic element and was at the appropriate level too. ” J Williams (yr 6 teacher ), Ysgol Heufan, Wrexham, Wales.

Gerry came to kick off our maths’ week and we could not have asked for a better start. he engaged all children from early years to year 6. after the shows the children went back to the classrooms to investigate the maths behind the tricks and the problem solving had them occupied all lesson. a challenging and exciting way to learn and apply mathematical principles………..Joanna Reed, Perivale Primary School, Greenford,London

” The children and staff were really inspired by your visit.” A Loader, St Joseph’s, Christchurch, Dorset.

” Many thanks for today. I would love us to do some further work next year.” C Mansell, Crumlin High Level, South Wales.

I have just come back from the Early Years Session with Gerry. He was absolutely brilliant and held the children in the palm of his hand as did his number tricks. he has a really fun sense of humour keeping all entertained He was able to quickly work out what would be most appropriate for each age group…….  Miss Lemon, Head Lower School, Redcliffe, London

“I just wanted to say we had the most fantastic day working with you at St Peter’s Cof E, Bristol. Thank you for your energy and enthusiasm. The children were buzzing and talking about your Maths. We would happily recommend you to to other schools.” Emma Oldfield, Bristol 2015

From Bluecoat School, Walsall, “Thanks for everything. the children really enjoyed the Maths day, your fourth consecutive visit.” Nina Tsinopoulou 2015

From Heolddu, Blackwood, Wales, ” Thank you very much. the pupils thought the Maths workshops were really enjoyable( fifth consecutive visit).” Beth Dean

You were so funny, lively, bubbly kept us all entertained. I have showed my other children your super maths.” Comment from a mum at a Family Learning Unit, Stanley Road Primary School, Worcester..

” I really enjoyed the workshops and the children were mesmerised. I love it when we come back from a day with something new.” Pippa Giles, Assistant Head, Portsmouth Grammar

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